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Secretarial Services

Statutory Requirements

  • Both Hong Kong companies and Foreign companies that are registered in Hong Kong are required to have a registered office that is located in Hong Kong.

  • Must appoint a Company Secretary who must be a body corporate having its registered office in Hong Kong or a Hong Kong resident.

  • If the Annual Return is not filed within the prescribed time period, the company is liable to default fines.

  • In addition, substantially higher Registration Fee is payable for the late filing of an Annual Return of a company having a share capital.

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We offer a Full range of Company Secretarial Service with no hidden cost 

  • Preparing and Submitting statutory documents, including Annual Return form
  • Preparing and Keeping statutory records, such as register of Shareholders, register of Significant Controller, register of Directors, etc.

  • Preparing and Keeping Written Resolutions.

  • Preparing and Submitting changing company particulars such as the Alternation of Director or Company Secretary, Transfer and Allotment of Shares
  • Change of the Company Name  or  Registered Address.
  • Preparing and Keeping Annual General Meeting and Minutes of Directors.

  • Assisting in Opening Bank Account and applying for Hong Kong Work Visa

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