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Cloud Human Resource Management

  • We are TALENOX Payroll Expert partner 

  • Our Team is highly skilled and qualified. We are professionals who are  committed to deliver the best quality HR Management solutions at low cost and no worries.

  • We are helping you to comply with Hong Kong employment regulations, periodical Payroll arrangement, MPF  enrollment and on-going compliance, employer’s Tax obligations, Leave Management according to the company policy and much more.

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Statutory Requirements

  • As an employer, you are required to prepare tax forms for all your employees to report their remuneration every year under the Income Tax Ordinance.
  • Required to report Commencement  and Ceasing of employment to Inland Revenue Department. 

  • Required to keep payroll records for at least seven years.
  • Employees and self-employed persons, except the exempt persons under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance, are required to participate in an MPF Scheme.

  • Required to prepare and send payroll slips to employees.

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What we Do

  • Payroll Calculation , Allocation and Reconciliation for Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal and Hourly basis employees.
  • Drafting the Employment Contract 

  • IR56B/E/F/G filing payroll returns

  • Reporting Employee Remuneration  to Inland Revenue Department.

  • Leave Management according to the company policy
  • Mandatory Provident  Fund (MPF) calculation, allocation and reconciliation 

  • Reporting MPF employer and employee contributions to Inland Revenue.

  • Providing Talenox  training and unlimited support   

  • Payroll for up to 5 employee included in our basic Bookkeeping services 


Human Resource Management

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