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We are Experts in Cloud apps Integration,Training and Support

Business Consulting

& Services

Seki Consulting Limited, provides a range of tailored Administrative, Financial and Corporate Services for Start Ups,SMEs and Groups.

We aim to improve your internal efficiency and increase your profit margin!

Our Services

Our Servuces
Company Incorporation

Hong Kong Company Registration, CPA Certified true copies of all the documents required to open a bank account and much more

Cloud Apps Integration
Training & Support

Power up your business with a complete cloud integration. From Point of Sales to Inventory Management, HR, Accounting - we take care of the chain you take care of the business.

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Secretarial Services

Preparation and Submission of Annual Return, Processing of Share Transfers and Allotments,AGM and much more

Accounting &

With us you no longer need to work on your invoices and receipts. We keep all your data nice and tidy. Providing  Reports for right Business decision making.

HR Management

With us you no longer need to manually calculate every employee's leave entitlement, MPF contributions, taxes and pro-rated salaries. 

Inventory Management

Control your stock.

Adapt your pricing strategy and allow to negotiate efficiently with your suppliers.Track a pick,pack ship for very single item of your inventory

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From HK$2,750/month

Foreign Currency Dealing, Direct communication with your client's accountants

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We are Speaking Japanese, Russian, English, French and Chinese

Xero Subscription, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Transaction Reconciliation,

Pay Roll, Chasing Overdue Payments, Financial Reporting and much more

Ready to find out more?

With us you no longer need to hire many staff and professionals at high cost.

Just Focus on your core business and rest we will do for you!

With our tailored solutions you will achieve success at no-time.

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